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My dream of a dog

Recently it has come across to me how much I wanna a dog. How ironic it is that I seek words to describe to you that words aren’t enough to convey my desire of getting a four-legged friend. 

You ask me why? Well, I think you'll understand me if I say that I daydream imagining pictures of me running along a rough endless sea, hair waving in the scarlet rays of the setting sun, my dear friend - a big red-haired dog - tearing ahead.

I just jump out of my skin at the mere thought of the big red-haired old chap dozing away lying on my belly, occupying nearly the whole bed by stretching out his long legs. It’s morning, a day-off, he understands it and is not gonna leave, so the only option left for me is to pet his flexible strong back, tousling the silken sleek hair.

And what a treat it is for my dog to plunge into the cool refreshing water in the glowing sun and wallow with his front and hind legs, basking in the waves, availing himself on the moment. And what about me? I’m already on the cliff, pulling off my clothes, getting prepared for another crazy plunge!

So, that’s my dream of a dog. Yeah, the big red-haired one, constantly smiling - that’s him. Always there for me. And me always running nearby. 

Isn’t it perfect to have your own Hachiko?

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